About Us

Delivering Health Carefully

Ever since its establishment in 2006, AL Mamorah, with uncompromising integrity and under the axiom of "Better Services, affordable price," has strived to create services that provide quality healthcare to our customers.

We will strive each day to shield the health of our community, to deliver comprehensive care for everyone, and to ensure that all Iraqis have access to one of the fundamental rights of our daily life: affordable and quality health care.

Al Mamorah Group successfully operates by emphasizing morals, retaining high standards, and ensuring high performance with honesty.

We will continue to diligently build on the momentum in this crucial area of the world. Through our product quality and strong partnerships with both multinational and regional companies, we will maintain our commitment to provide balanced and active lifestyles for all.

Al Mamorah Group is proud to provide the keys to launching Iraqi healthcare into the next transition of evolution.

Al Mamorah CEO

About Us

Quality Healthcare Products

Al Mamorah Group is committed to supplying quality healthcare products and conforming to international standards to fulfill customer requirements for performance, reliability, and safety.

Fastest Growing

Founded in Baghdad in 2006, Al Mamorah Group evolved from a renowned private wholesale pharmaceuticals firm to one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical distributors offering top-notch products and logistic services across Iraq.

Incorporating Multiple Corporations

Al Mamorah Group is expanding its services from a single processing company to incorporating multiple corporations. We are honored to establish a quality healthcare foundation—growing employment in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, maintaining high international standards, and furthering quality education in these industries. We are not solely a sales and commerce company; it is our responsibility to put our people's health in the right hands.

Regulatory Solutions

Al-Mamorah regulatory department is always up to date with the latest regulatory requirements for Registration, Importation, Distribution and Promotion. By this we ensures seamless registration processes that are fully compliant with local regulations yet cast in international standards.

Institutional Experts

We have very experienced managers and team members to cover both Baghdad MOH and Kurdistan KMCA.


With 5 branches locally and internationally.

Al Mamorah Scientific Bureau

Baghdad - Iraq

Apollo Scientific Bureau

Baghdad - Iraq

Alaq Al Mamorah

Baghdad - Iraq


First Care for Medical Equipment

Dubai - UAE

Wedyan Al Mamorah Co.

Erbil - Iraq

Logistic Solutions

Built on a reputation of excellence in nationwide pharmaceutical distribution, Al Mamorah Group has:
  • Expanded to all 18 Iraqi provinces to deliver innovative solutions at every step of the supply chain.

  • Established local GSP Warehouses in Baghdad to provide storage conditions that conform to international standards.

  • Quality system with international Standards (ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 45001:2018 and GDP).

  • Recruited experienced personnel to run advanced and accurate technology in inventory and supply.

  • Office in Erbil, Kurdistan Wedyan AL Mamorah Co. in charge of logistics, warehousing and distribution.